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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

All of you can notice, I am not good about daily updates on my blog. I'm doing good, if I can get one blog a week.

I actually got on to poke around a bit and found out that I had been tagged, so here goes.

Now on the the meme.....Here are the rules (post these first).

Each player answers questions about themselves.
At the end of the post, tag 5 people by posting their names.
Go to their site/blog and leave a comment telling them they've been tagged. Invite them to your site/blog so they can read the tagged post.
Let the person who tagged you know when you've completed your tagged post.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
First of all, I have the worst memory in the world so let me see if I can figure this out.
I was 23 years old, so I must have been in college. Ok, I graduated college in 1998, and I was married in 1997. That means I was a newlywed, just graduating college and getting ready to spend the summer getting ready to teach Kindergarten at an inner city school in the fall.

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list?

a) Clean upstairs (cleaned the downstairs on Thursday)

b) Take Rachel to the doctor (I think she has an ear infection)

c) Try to stay ahead of my busy schedule

d) Order Benjamin a new pair of glasses

e) Use my Spa Gift card I got for Mother's Day (Quickly)

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

a) Chips

b) Cereal

c) Candy

d) Popcorn

e) Dr. Pepper

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.

If I were a millionaire, I would first tithe to my church. I would then pay off all our bills. Help my mom and dad, brother and sister by giving each of them a portion of money. Set aside a large sum for Rachel and Benjamin's college and acutally give them an inheritance when we pass. New furniture for our den, new kitchen table and chairs. Buy some new stuff I have always wanted (outdoor furniture, any and all decorations I want)

5. Name some places where you've lived.

Memphis, TN (That's it folks)

6. Name some bad habits you have.

Biting my finger nails
Agreeing to do to many things (I.E.-teach sunday school, choir member, head up supper club, help with ladies banquet, help with the teens, head up the 1-3 grade Wed. night program at church, etc.)
No Patience

7. Name some jobs you've had.

Baker (used to make truffles in a bakery when I was 15)
Secretary for my dad's jewelry store
Chuck E Cheese (worked in the kitchen, cashier, showroom, and yes, I was the mouse)
Kindergarten Teacher
Assistant Pre-school teacher
Mother's Day out Teacher
Payroll/Human Resource Manager

Oh Yeah!
Mom, chef, chauffer, stylist, planner, etc. etc.

8. Name those whom you are tagging.
I don't know too many. Let's see.
Cindy Kraft
"In My Life"
Can't tag Tina or the Boyd Family (already done)


Amy said...

That was great, Debbie....
I also suffer from PMS. :(
And I have always lived in Memphis too, until I got married, and now we live just outside of Memphis.:)

I got tagged for this same meme and I posted it Saturday if you would like to take a look.:)

I hope you have a great week, Debbie. And if you get your upstairs all cleaned up, just hop on over to my house, and you can help me clean mine.:)

God Bless,

My Goodness said...

Uh, you lived in Branson, MO. Ha! I know you better than YOU know you!! :)

The Boyds Family said...

I'm not sure....but I don't think PMS is a "habit" since it's something you have no control over..ha!

Great post - thanks for playing!

Cindy Kraft said...

Okay so you tagged I'm finished.