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Monday, August 11, 2008

Geek Squad

I know I take forever to blog, but here it is. The Geek Squad visits (yes, that was multiple).

The first visit was scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The company I work for bought me a new computer brain because the Dell 2000 was as slow as Christmas. It was partly to blame for all the problems I had that past Monday. Well, if anyone has gotten a new computer (for work or home) then you know the stress of making sure you don't lose any of your info. Originally my brother was supposed to transfer the data for me, but after waiting several weeks, he still didn't have a chance to come out and after that Monday, I called and asked him if he was going to be able to do it or if I needed to hire someone. Obviously, I hired someone.

Here is where the problem begins. When I went to Best Buy, I specifically said, "I need all the info from my old computer brain transferred to my new one." First thing he asks me is, "do you have pictures on there?" Who doesn't I think to myself. Whatever! Well, somehow my comment translated to him that I only needed my data transferred. I can hold my own on the computer, but I had no idea how much info I had to transfer. So when the guy showed up, I stated the same thing. "I need all the info from my old computer brain transferred to my new one." Once again, this guy asks, "Do you have pictures on there?"


So he starts and ends up leaving to get lunch because it was taking so long. This guy was really nice and I tried to stay out of the way. Probably another part of the problem. So he gets done and states, I got all your data transferred.

Wait, What!

What about all my e-mails, scans, faxes, music, misc. programs, etc?

Sorry, you only purchased the data transfer.

Wait, What!

I specifically asked for everything to be transferred. I know I didn't stutter. Not either time.


The guy apologizes for the miss-communication and offers to come back out on saturday at 9:45 to finish the transfer, but of course I had to pay the difference in the two packages (the one I bought and the unlimited transfer that I should have gotten).

Meanwhile, I tried to download all the programs that I know I could do (Windows 2007, e-mail set up, etc.).

Then Friday I had the photocopy company come out and install the programs for my fax/copier/printer/scanner. The guy couldn't get this completed either because of the stupid Vista wouldn't let him get all the programs installed, so that still isn't finished.

Ok, so Saturday, 9:45 comes, 10:30 comes and he still isn't here. I called him and he said that he and his wife had had a rough night with their newborn (which we talked about the previous visit) and stated that I had mentioned that my husband was going to be home all day and that he was going to be out shortly. I was really ok with it, he was really nice and actually set up a few things that he didn't have to. Thankfully he retrieved all the info I needed and so far everything is running smoothly except the copier, but I will get with them later. I am still trying to get used to the new programs and the stupid Vista. Hopefully it will get easier and easier.



My Goodness said...

Vista is stupid...

Vista IS stupid...

Vista is STUPID.

Here, here!

Glad you had a nice Geek to work with. :)

I work with a pretty nice Geek, too.

Oh, and thanks for blogging. Hope your eyes didn't fall out.

The Boyds Family said...

I have Vista too and it's not a very friendly program. I have errors all over the place. I've purchased some e-books (TWICE NOW) and I STILL haven't been able to open them up to read them....I'm sure that's Vista's fault too.