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Saturday, August 2, 2008

What else could go wrong?

I know you aren't supposed to verbally or mentally ask this question because surely something even worse will happen.

So here is what happened to me this week.

As you may know, I have been out of town quite a bit during the month of July. One of those trips was with my entire family and my friend Tina and her family to Johnson City, TN to visit our friends. We had a great trip. We left on Wednesday and returned on Sunday night around 7:00PM.

My first instinct was to go up to my office at home and look at the damage (faxes, e-mails, voice mails, etc.), but I decided to get my house in order, get my kids to bed and spend the last few minutes of the vacation with my husband.

So Monday morning when I finally get into the office I was met with the following:
175 e-mails, 30 faxes and 0 voice mails

I knew I was in for a rough day since I had missed 3 days of work (I also do a little work on the weekends when nothing else is going on) and Monday is payroll day, so it is always hectic. I was thankful that there were no voice mails, this was highly unusual.

So I start out my day and it literally when down hill from there.

I received probably another 50+ e-mails and 15+ faxes that day, but that is not the worst of it. First I had all my spreadsheets (20+) open trying to get everything printed out for payroll along with answering the e-mails and printing off the faxes. When my copier/printer/scanner went caput (not even sure that is a word) and it stopped printing. I had to close everything out and re-boot and start all over again. Now I must add that the computer that I was working with was a Dell 2000. It is as slow as a snail if not slower, so this was a 20 minute process. This happened at least once more that day. Then my other printer (color printer) started ripping pages and printing things crooked, so I had to stop using that.

Then I forgot (after working for about an hour and updating spreadsheets) that I forgot to load what was on my travel drive. (I worked a little on Friday afternoon while out of town updating one of my spreadsheets.) So then I had to find the USB port in the back of the computer.......Oh......Wait!.......I dropped the stupid thing inside the mess of cords behind my computer desk. If I was a cussing woman, it may have come out then. I finally (after pulling a muscle in my neck and arm) fished the thing out and found the stupid USB port. Transferred all the files (which took an hour-just exaggerating) and then had to remember what I had done all morning and re-do the work that I had done that morning on the spreadsheets.

If this was not enough, at the end of the day, I was supposed to go pick up my son from VBS at our church. My husband had dropped him off and went to his softball game, so I was picking him up. MY CAR WOULD NOT START. Yes, the same car we just drove 1000+ miles to Johnson City and Back. I frantically called every cell number I had for church members, trying to reach someone to let them know that I couldn't pick him up and I couldn't get a hold of Kevin (he must have been out on the field). After the 15th call, I get a hold of a woman that was at the ball field and she said that Kevin was out in the field and she would tell him to go get Benjamin. Then after the 20th call, I get a hold of one our teenagers, who happened to be working VBS and he then got me in touch with Bryan (our youth pastor in charge of VBS).

So the next day, you guessed it, my car was towed out of my garage. Not the most pleasant feeling, knowing you can't leave the house.

We got the car back on Wednesday afternoon, so it wasn't too bad. Get this! It was a $40 air valve, but since it was in the engine, it cost $400.

You think it is over.....not yet. Stayed tuned for the multiple visits from the Geek Squad......Coming soon to a theatre near you.



My Goodness said...

duhn-duhn-duhn...the saga continues!

Bless your heart...if you don't have a better week next week, I'll take you out for dinner. :)

You had more than your share last week...

Amy said...

Like Tina said, "Bless your heart!" :)

I pray that tomorrow will be a day full of blessings for you.

God Bless,

Jodi said...

Hey thanks for the GOOD MAIL! Sorry I am such a slacker in thanking you! I am posting a thank you on my blog tomorrow or Monday. Loved the cards! You are awesome!!!!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh man oh man. Welcome home.....
sounds like it can only get better so chin up. Great things are in store.

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McFurr said...

Hope this week started out better for you!