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Matthew 6:33

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Let me ask you this....ANSWERS ONLY!

Please see "Golden Goodness" for initial questionaire.

1. Mostly on my bed or on the loveseat in the den.
2. Absolutely not. Anyway, my husband does the dishes and why nag him about it, then I'll wind up having to do them.
3. Who doesn't? I mainly screen for the 1-800 calls.
4. Why would someone even do that? What if it is faulty? What if you can't find a gas station? AHHHHHH!
5. Yes.
6. Yuck. I would probably be sick.
7. Not really. I do on Golden Goodness, so she will get a check for $.50.
8. Yes. Really ruins my appetite. Its fine if you want to kill yourself, but let me be.

Eight is an odd number. However, I know you like that number. Why not 10 questions? Weirdo.



Tabatha said...

Mine will be posted on my blog tonight. That was fun! I'm adding you to my list!

My Goodness said...

See if Kevin can get Donald to be the designated dish washer in this house!!

Yes, I do know now that you FREAK OUT when you think you may run out of gas!! LOL

7. Thanks!!!

8. Yep!