Verse of the Moment

Matthew 6:33

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grilling Goodness from Golden Goodness

1. What's your 'dream machine' - as in vehicle? Do you think you'll ever own it?
For some reason when I was younger I fell in love with a 1957 Corvette Convertible. Maybe someday.

2. Can you water ski?

3. What kind of milk to you prefer?
White, Cow, 2%

4. Have any of your pet peeves 'gotten your goat' this week?
GLITTER-Little girl birthday cards are covered in them.

5. How do you prepare your taxes? HR Block, Turbo Tax, by hand - or does someone else do it for you?
By my husband's hand. It helps that he is a Sr. Tax Anaylst

6. Did you start a workout program this New Year?

7. Do you have a certain meal that you cook each and every week?
We usually have breakfast for dinner at least once a week.

8. When do you normally write your blog posts?
At night, if they are written at all.



My Goodness said...

1. Mmm...I don't see that in your cards. Because your husband is Kevin! LOL

3. Glad you specified COW!

5. Yea, so. We BOTH have accounting degrees and would rather NOT do it by hand!

8. Slacker!

McFurr said...

4. Glitter....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

7. YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!! BRINNER (thats the name for breakfast for dinner)!!!

8. I am shocked (and pleased) at the amount of post you have done since the new year.