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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's going on with me.......What's going on with you?

Well, the Christmas season is over and you know good and well that things don't slow down. Especially when one of your children has a birthday at the beginning of January.

In my spare time (which there is not much of, proof in the non-blogging) I have been slowly gathering and buying and putting together the party.

Rachel is going to be three on Sunday, but we are having her party on Saturday. She is having a Minnie Mouse birthday. I found the cutest cake that I am going to make. I started making the birthday cakes for both my kids because this is something my mom had always done for me and my brother and sister. I love putting in the time and making something unique and special. I will have to make a blog of just the birthday cakes I have made.

That gives me an idea........What traditions are you trying to pass on to your kids? (I am not talking about holiday traditions, but everyday little things, birthday traditions, school traditions, etc.) Let me hear from you.


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McFurr said...

On the first day of school I always put a homemade card in her lunchbox and she keeps it there the whole year for encouragement.