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Matthew 6:33

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Snowing, It's Snowing, It's GONE!

Well, we woke up this morning to another very cold 20 something degrees.  I got Benjamin ready for school (A little different, they are having spirit week and he was able to dress as a vilian.  We chose Darth Vadar.).  As I was sending him to the neighbors house to car-pool, I noticed the little flurries.  We watched them for a minute and I wrapped Rachel up in a blanket and watched them before they disappeared, but to my amazement, the flurries got stronger and it started sticking to the ground.  I took a shower and got Rachel all bundled up and we went outside.  Here are a few pictures of her playing and cleaning the snow off the slide and swing.  It didn't take long for the wind to get to our bones. 

And just as soon as we came inside, the sun came out. BOOOOOOO!

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My Goodness said...

Glad you had the time to play in it a little...we didn't. :(